A unique and noble grape variety, born here in Burgundy, the Chardonnay reveals its most authentic character in our terroirs. Freshness, finesse, minerality or powerful aromas, our wines represent the myriad expressions of the true Chardonnay, naturally and without artifice. Whether a regional appellation, villages appellation, or a "lieu-dit" (specific vineyard area), the winery seeks to showcase its vineyards, bringing out the character of the specific terroirs and thereby creating wines with an exceptional aromatic style.

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Our soft, light red wines (the Mâcon wines made from the Gamay grape, and the Bourgogne made from the Pinot Noir) are perfect for relaxed drinking occasions.

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Our rosé wines are produced from the Gamay grape via a short maceration process which enables us to extract only the fruit and freshness of the grapes, which results in lovely light wines brimming with delectable red fruit aromas.

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Our Crémant

We have been producing Crémant de Bourgogne according to the traditional method since 1975, and we are now a major producer of this appellation in Burgundy. Made primarily from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Crémant de Bourgogne is a wine of character with scintillating aromas, freshness and finesse.

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