With 1,180 hectares of vineyards entirely dedicated to the Chardonnay grape variety, our winery is a true specialist in Burgundy white wines; it produces 20 different Burgundy appellations in total, and has a virtual monopoly of the wines produced in the communesof Lugny and Saint-Gengoux-de-Scissé.

A recent development of lieux-dits (specific vineyard areas) has extended the range, allowing us to showcase promising terroirs. In order to obtain the finest grapes, the vines are closely monitored right up until the harvest and only the plots with the greatest maturity/health potential are selected for the wines.

The winery has also created a "maturity network" of 75 reference plots for the various appellations to allow it to monitor the ripening process and determine the best dates for the harvest.

Our work has been founded on a process of continuous improvement since 1997 and this has enabled us to complete a number of steps to create an integrated quality management system. Consumers are demanding when it comes to health and environmental issues. Wine must be aligned with the times. Our strategy is therefore one of sustainability, based on the "Vignerons en Développement Durable" (growers in sustainable development) charter, which allows us to promote the work accomplished in recent years and obtain a wider recognition, including both our employees and our growers.
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Vignerons en Développement Durable (growers in sustainable development)

We are working to create a new generation cooperative, one in which we place people and their progress at the heart of the sustainable development process. We bring various personalities and unique skill sets together to work on joint projects, we innovate within our profession, and we encourage experimentation and original ideas.
The welfare of the growers and employees, the identification of future opportunities, the preservation of heritage, a better price for our products, ethics and respect for our customers and partners... these are the day-to-day challenges we must meet, while remaining careful not to damage our planet and our environment, the only true guarantor of a sustainable future.

About Les Vignerons en Développement Durable (growers in sustainable development)

This trademark has the backing of a group of leading wineries in France, committed to an ambitious sustainable development strategy. This approach, based on 37 commitments, is the only one fully dedicated to the wine sector and is complete, well-balanced and in continual development. Since its creation, the association has enjoyed the support of local, national and professional institutions. These dedicated professionals take account of economic, social, societal and environmental issues as they innovate, tend to their vineyards, run their businesses, and create and market their wines.
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